Affiliate Program Management

Bordeaux Marketing Group has been involved in affiliate program management, affiliate program design, and launching affiliate programs since 1995. We have equal experience in managing internal affiliate programs as well as with external affiliate program networks like Commission Junction, Share A Sale, and LinkShare.

Making the Decision to Launch an Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs are typically responsible for up to 20% of a company’s annual revenue and can be launched in under 30 days so it makes this revenue channel particularly attractive. Before making the decision to move forward implementing an affiliate program, ask yourself this question: “Will this affiliate program be my sole way to market my product or service?” If the answer is, YES, then you need to pause and work on developing other marketing channels before launching an affiliate program. It will take at least 90 – 120 days for affiliates to integrate your banners into their websites or to see results from however they decide to drive traffic to landing pages representing your prouct/service. Most companies who launch affiliate programs without any plans to mplement any additional marketing channels often fail because they do not have the time or budget required to maintain their business past a few months and are using the launch of an affiliate program as a way to make quick revenue. This is wrong. Affiliate Programs are a long term online marketing strategy so a merchant committed to only managing an affiliate program for a few months before discontinuing it is futile. For an affiliate to create a landing page around your product and simply have that page indexed by Google can take in upwards of 6 weeks so that should be the minimum base metric with which to see results for your affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Design

After making the decision to add an affiliate program to your company’s marketing plan, Bordeaux Marketing Group provides the necessary affiliate program competitive research so that you will understand how competitive the product vertical that you desire to enter into is as well as the leading offers so that you know how much commission you will have to pay and how that will fit into your profit margins. Bordeaux Marketing group will also work with you on banner design to make sure that best practices are used, building out the intricate details necessary (affiliate information pages, program descriptions, banning individual countries known for generating the highest amount of fraud, etc.) to launch your affiliate program, and assist in testing the tracking codes after a sale has been made so that the affiliate program network can assign the appropriate commission.

Affiliate Program Management

After a successful launch, Bordeaux Marketing Group will manage your affiliate program in the following ways.

  • Manual approval of affiliate applications. We have found this is the best way to eliminate affiliates who participate in fraud. By individually screening each affiliate application we can evaluate each affiliate in order to make sure they are an appropriate fit to promote your affiliate program.
  • Weekly and Monthly HTML Newsletters. The best way to make sure affiliates promote an affiliate program is to maintain “top-of-mind” awareness with them. By generating approved newsletters, we will constantly be in an affiliate’s thoughts so they will promote your program. “Top-of-mind” awareness also will result in increased sales.
  • Main point of contact with affiliates to manage operational issues. This involves providing a high level of support for the affiliate so that their individual needs are met. Operational issues that Bordeaux Marketing Group will manage can include: applying appropriate performance incentives, determining if affiliate sales are legitimate, and making sure commissions are accurately recorded.
  • Affiliate Recruitment. Bordeaux Marketing group utilizes it’s existing relationships with top affiliates in order to rapidly expand your affiliate program membership. It is not unusual for your affiliate program to experience 100% increases month-over-month for the first 90 days. Also Bordeaux Marketing Group will identify, contact, and recruit affiliates that are currently in your affiliate program’s vertical (so for instance top Health and Fitness affiliates for your Health and Fitness affiliate program). Bordeaux Marketing Group also has the ability to identify which affiliates are sending your competitors traffic and will contact and recruit those as well.